Coconut Products

Coconut Balla Copra

We are the leading Coconut Copra manufacturers and exporters in India. The flesh of the Coconut is dried under the sun and Coconut Copra is obtained when the water content in the Coconut falls less than 5.5-6%.

The exports of Coconut Copra manufacturers happen to mainly target the food processing industry, cosmetic industry and soap making industry. Copra is exported for crude oil extraction and it serves as fodder for cattle and poultry feed.

The Coconut Copra and copra cake is neatly packed in bags. The quantum and the packing mode differ based on the customer’s requirements. Copra cake could be availed in any volume by the importers in any corner of the world. Our quality products and impeccable services make us stand tall amongst coconut copra manufacturers in India. .


  • High protein content
  • Less moisture
  • Bacteria free
  • High clarity
  • Exotic aroma

Product detail:

  • Moisture 6%, oil content 61%, impurity 2%
  • Packaging air flow bag 40 kg
  • Reasonable Price
  • High quality


Semi Husked Coconuts

Semi Husked and Fully Husked Coconuts and these natural Husked Coconuts are available in different ranges. They are widely used for culinary purposes and different medical applications. The coconuts which undergo a hygienic dehusking process is packed for Export in food grade Polypropylene bags, batched and labeled as per customer’s request.

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