Charcoal Products

We supply one of the best and Natural Coconut Shell based Charcoal. This Coconut Charcoal is eco-friendly and finds application as a fuel in different industries. Mainly used in

  • Manufacturing of activated carbon
  • Foundries


The Coconut Shell based Charcoal is a derivative of the Coconut shell after it has been burnt under regulated conditions. Coconut Charcoal is economical and eco-friendly and is used as a fuel in various industries. It plays a major role as an essential raw material in the production of Coconut Shell based Activated Carbon. As a Charcoal manufacturer and Charcoal suppliers, we produce premium quality Coconut Charcoal in India. Advanced techniques are applied to deliver only the best quality Products. Coconut Charcoal briquettes also fall in our scope of supply and we assure you of premium Coconut Charcoal with best competitive price tag.

  • Fixed Carbon : 72%
  • Volatile Matter : 15% - 18%
  • Ash : 2%
  • Dust : 2%
  • Moisture : 10% - 15%
  • Size : Granular Charcoal, Powdered Charcoal, Can be customised as per the customer’s requirements
  • Colour : Uniformly black

Coconut  Shell Charcoal granules

We are offering quality Coconut Shell Charcoal Granules that are widely used as raw material for manufacturing activated carbon. The quality of these granules has enabled us to maintain its demand in the national and international market. Moreover, it is available in bulk quantities within the stipulated time frame.

  • Fixed Carbon : 72%
  • Volatile Matter : 5 - 10%
  • Ash : 2% 
  • Dust :2%
  • Moisture : 10% - 15%
  • Size : 2/10 Mesh, 2/8 Mesh, 2/6 Mesh, -8 Mesh, -10 Mesh

Features of our Charoal

  • Smokeless
  • Spark less burning
  • Less moisture

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